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Equilux Day = Leap Day??

Anyone who has studied and/or observed a Lunar Calendar will tell you that one of, IIF not the biggest issue regarding it, is that the lunar cycle is approximately 11 days shorter than the solar cycle! Subsequently you experience a 'drifting' of the seasons by as many as 11 days each year; which gets progressively worse as the years pass! Basically, your 'spring months' will begin to 'drift' into the winter season. The same would be true for anyone who observes a 360 or 364 day calendar (it will just take more time for the 'drift' to be noticeable)!

Therefore they are all FORCED to add a 'leap' day/month in order to stay somewhat in sync with the solar cycle; so that their New Years Day will still occur within the Spring as hinted within the so-called 'Old Testament' with the word Abib (Deuteronomy 16:1, Exodus 13:4, 23:15, 34:18).

Thusly, many Lunar Sabbatarians well speak of "leap days" or a "leap year" and rightfully so; because the Lunar Year is approximately 11 days shorter than the Solar Year! Even followers of the 364-day "Enoch Calendar" will ultimately find themselves with the same dilemma of their calendar year, falling short of the Solar Year; and a few of them will also admit the need for a "leap year/days" to synchronize with the Solar Year.

Now IIF you are "new" to all of this, know and understand; the Biblical Year is comprised of 12 Months. Each Month contains 30 days. At the end of every 3 Months there is a 'Seasonal Transition Day'; we have a total of 4 within the year. Each Seasonal Transition Day marks the end of a season. Each season lasts 13 complete weeks / 91 days / 3 months (30+30+30+1). And those 4 seasons gives us 52 weeks or 364 days.

Unfortunately, this is where NEARLY ALL stop (with a 364 day calendar year); HOWEVER Enoch CLEARLY defines/describes a 365 day Calendar! The last day of the Year on the Enoch Calendar is "Equilux Day" NOT the "Seasonal Transition" Day!

Nearly EVERYONE assumes / forces Equilux Day to occur on day 364 which is ACTUALLY the last 'seasonal transition day' of the year!! However, Equilux Day IS A SEPARATE AND DISTINCT DAY OF IT'S OWN!! Now that is NOT to say that Equilux Day could NOT occur on the last seasonal transition day of the year; however, WE MUST NOT FORCE IT!

"What thing soever I command you, [be careful to] observe to do it; THOU SHALT NOT ADD THERETO, NOR DIMINISH FROM IT." --Deuteronomy 12:32

Equilux Day is determined by OBSERVATION and our observations have determined that it occurs AFTER the last seasonal transition day; thereby giving us a 365 day Calendar which perfectly matches our current solar cycle! If you haven't already, be sure to view our article "The Biblical Calendar" and video series "The Restored Sabbatical Cycle" for more details.

Now I have long proclaimed, that IIF you follow Enoch's instructions PRECISELY and not "lump" Equilux Day with/on the last Seasonal transition day (which is the 31st day of the 12th Month); but AFTER the last Seasonal transition day (giving you a 365-day year) THEN you would have no need for a leap day/year! Now that has always been my THEORY; however, this year (2024) PROVED IT TO BE A FACT!!

"What thing soever I command you, [be careful to] observe to do it; THOU SHALT NOT ADD THERETO, NOR DIMINISH FROM IT." --Deuteronomy 12:32

So as is my yearly custom, near the end of the Biblical Year; I review/examine the astronomical charts to determine when Equilux Day occurs for the upcoming year. So in 2023 our Biblical Year ended on March 15th; therefore we would expect our New Year to begin on March 16th, right?! However, when I examined the astronomical charts to determine when Equilux Day would occur; surprisingly they indicated that Equilux would NOT occur on the 15th but the 16th!!

Note: we measure from sunset to sunset!

My first thought was that, I must have clearly got the previous year's New Year date wrong! So I re-analyzed the chart data for 2023 and then "recounted" the Calendar days to determine if I miscalculated the previous years dates.

However to my surprise, both astronomical chart sources confirmed that Equilux 2023 occurred on March 17th; thereby giving us a 365-day cycle that would end on March 15th 2024, presumably making March 16th the Biblical New Years Day!

Now typically that is exactly how the Calendar would normally fall; the last day of the 12th Month being the 31st Day which is also the last Seasonal Transition Day followed by Equilux Day followed by New Years Day! This is the same pattern I have observed ever since following the "Enoch Calendar" a few years ago! But again, this year the astronomical charts indicated that Equilux would NOT occur immediately (on the 15th) after the last Seasonal Transition Day (the 14th) but on the 17th essentially making the 15th A LEAP DAY!!

Lastly, for any of those who may suggest that this occurrence of a 'leap day' was somehow related to the 'leap day' which occurred on the 'pagan' calendar this year (Feb 29); know and understand, the Enoch Calendar has no relation whatsoever to the pagan calendar! Not a single day on the Enoch Calendar is dependent upon nor related to any pagan calendar date! We only note pagan dates for reference; they are noted on our Calendar AFTER we count/affix the Biblical Calendar dates! Additionally, the pagan leap day fell within the previous calendar year (2023) NOT the current calendar year (2024); therefore IIF it had any affect, it would have affected last years calendar dates!

As we demonstrated above, last year (day 364) ended on March 14th and Equilux should have been observed on March 15th; yet it occurred on March 16th! Sooo this is actually how the previous Biblical Year (2023) should have ended....

There you have it! Observable PROOF, that Equilux Day can allow for/create a Leap Day on the Biblical Calendar of YHWH!!

Last Day of the Month - 30th Day (Mar 13th)

Seasonal Transition Day - 31st Day (Mar 14th)

Leap Day - (Mar 15th)

Equilux Day - (Mar 16th)

New Years Day - 1st Day (Mar 17th)

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